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Rell Stylez is a self taught photographer based in Philly. Since a child Rell Stylez has been an artist. Growing up in West Philly Stylez was inspired by the street art of Philly writers such as the late Razz, Credit and Espo. Inspired by the graffiti he seen every day in his travels Stylez began to tag his neighborhood walls with his own artwork. Through street art Stylez was able to channel into ideas of how an image can have an impact on the eye of an observer. These ideas later inspired his creative eye in his photo art years later.


As Stylez grew as a visual artist, he linked with other artists and formed the collective Sharp With Art Group. At this point his choice of medium was paint and pastels. With SWAG Stylez helped organize art exhibits showcasing his work and with other artists. Playing a key role in organizing art exhibits helped Stylez not only learn more about different styles of art; it also helped him get a better understanding of the art business.

When SWAG dissolved Stylez found himself in a place where he wanted to express his creativity in a new way. Though he loved drawing and painting he was no longer fulfilled artistically. Soul searching and reflecting he decided to experiment with photography.


Once Stylez picked up a camera he discovered his new passion. He studied photographers and read about different techniques to improve his craft. He realized that with a camera he can create art by manipulating real life scenes and lighting to create an image that can give off various moods. He worked with models who experimented with poses and expressions that made the images more impactful.


After a year of studying the art of photography and posting some of his work on social media Stylez decided to build a business around his new craft. He named his photography brand “Visual Vibration.”  The name came from Stylez recognizing that photos send off vibrations to the visual eye and these vibrations can stimulate thoughts.


Stylez founded Visual Vibration with two objectives. The first is to create what he calls “conceptual experimental fine art photography ” that could bring enjoyment and discussion for admirers of art. Secondly he wanted to provide photography services to those who admired his work and are interested in using his photography for personal and business purposes.


Stylez describes his work as edgy and experimental with a touch of sensuality. As he continues to grow as a photographer his recent work he feels will add to discussions on race, culture, sexuality, politics, and femininity. 


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